No bomb found after threat prompts evacuation of Riverdale Middle School

By Steve Visser

Riverdale Middle School students got an extra-long day thanks to a bomb threat that was called in about 15 minutes before school got out Monday afternoon, said Vicki Constantinides of Clayton County Schools.

Consequently, the students were marched to a nearby library, organized by class, and transported to a recreation center, Constantinides said.

Parents picked up most of the kids, others went home by bus and some regular walkers walked, Constantinides said. By 8:15 p.m., school officials were waiting on parents for the few who were left.

“Our job was to make sure we knew where all the students were,” she said. “It was a challenge right before dismissal.”

Police did not find any bomb or explosive device, and investigators are now trying to trace the source of the call, she said.

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